Reactive K9 Management

Course Information

This class is for dogs who are experiencing aggression/reactivity. For safety reasons, all dogs in attendance must be pre-conditioned to wearing a basket style muzzle during class. We have a selection of muzzles sizes available for purchase.

This course can be offered privately for dogs who are unable to attend a group class.

Types of Aggression covered:
• Dog to dog 
• Human directed
• Inter-household
• Fear reactive
• Leash aggression
• Food/resource guarding
• Other forms of aggression will be covered in class.

Hours: 1 hour per week for seven weeks. Class one is a mandatory orientation session without dogs.
Maximum: 4 adult students; children are not allowed to attend this class.
Prerequisite: None
Registration fee: $325 (plus GST)

Please contact us for class dates.


In Reactive K9 Management, We will cover:

• Understanding aggression
• Learning environmental control
• Working under threshold
• Building tools for your toolbox
• Foundation obedience skills needed to manage your reactive dog
• How to manage emergency situations
• Risk management plans
• ... and more!

Vaccination Requirements 

All dogs must have vaccinations for canine distemper, canine parvovirus and rabies within the last three years. We also accept serum antibody titer tests. 


"We were referred to Cedar Valley K9 by a trainer who had been working with us and our dog. Casey is a rescue and is VERY reactive to new people, dogs, skateboards, bikes... We started her in the reactive K9 management class with skepticism. But Gail was very supportive and reassuring from the beginning. She and Bonnie pushed us and Casey every week and we were shocked at how far she has come. We can't stress enough how reactive Casey is by nature, much more reactive than most dogs who attend such classes, we are told. But by the last class, she was in the same room with the other dogs, able to look at them walking toward her and then look back to us. In 8 weeks, she improved in her confidence and we are now able to walk Casey within 6 feet of people, bikes and skateboards, and within 20 feet of most dogs with minimal to no reaction. We are amazed and are still working with Gail and Bonnie in obedience classes where Casey continues to improve. We didn't expect to see the change in her that we have and are committed to the work it takes to help her become the best dog she can be. We can't thank Gail and Bonnie enough for their encouragement, patience and strong direction for both us and Casey." - Dave and Kelly A. Mission, BC